American Board of Education

“Empowering Futures Together: DATATEC SKILL ACADEMY‘s Partnership with the American Board of Education”

The American Board of Education (ABE) is a leading organization that has evolved to provide structure and credibility to the diverse landscape of career-oriented education programs. With a focus on various professional tracks including business, finance, computers, engineering, healthcare, and more, ABE offers centralized certification programs aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of students and practicing professionals.

ABE’s certifications are highly regarded in the industry due to the rigorous guidelines, policies, procedures, and standards set forth by educational experts. These certifications serve as a benchmark of quality, knowledge, and passion, making certificate holders stand out to employers and leading corporations globally.

One of the distinguishing features of ABE is its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity in education. Regardless of socio-economic status or geographical location, individuals can earn ABE certifications by demonstrating aptitude in their chosen disciplines. This approach ensures that learners, whether new to an industry or seeking career advancement, have equal opportunities to showcase their professional competence.

ABE’s emphasis on practical, hands-on learning sets it apart from traditional textbook-based education. Alongside certification programs, ABE prioritizes learner networking to foster global opportunities and community service, ultimately aiming to develop well-rounded professionals with keen minds and warm hearts.

DATATEC SKILL ACADEMY, approved by the American Board of Education, offers a range of job-oriented skill courses in fields such as engineering, paramedical sciences, and computer courses. These courses, available in both long-term and short-term formats, provide learners with the opportunity to acquire industry-relevant skills and earn certifications recognized by ABE.

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ABE’s globally recognized certifications have enabled certificate holders worldwide to demonstrate their knowledge and realize their objectives.

“Explore Our American Board Certified Programs”

Unlock your potential with our range of American Board Certified programs designed to empower you in the dynamic fields of engineering and technology. Whether you’re passionate about mechanics, drafting, welding, or programming, we offer certifications that validate your skills and expertise.

● American Certified Diesel Engine Mechanic (ACDEM): Master the art of diesel engine maintenance and repair, becoming a virtuoso of power plants on wheels.
● American Certified Motor Vehicle Mechanic (ACMVM): Dive into the world of automotive care, blending technical prowess with diagnostic finesse to keep vehicles running smoothly.
● American Board Certified Civil Draughtsman (ABCD): Architect the blueprint ballet of construction projects, wielding lines and dimensions with precision and creativity.
● American Board Certified Civil Surveyor (ABCS): Navigate unseen landscapes with technology and intuition, shaping the future of urban and rural development.
● American Board Certified Electrician (ABCE): Become a modern superhero of electricity, ensuring safety and efficiency in every wiring project.
● American Certified Solar Technician (ACST): Harness the power of sunlight with technical finesse, installing and maintaining solar energy systems for a sustainable future.
● American Certified Instrument Mechanic (ACIM): Orchestrate the harmony of industrial symphonies with precision and accuracy, mastering the art of instrumentation.
● American Certified Electronics Mechanic (ACEM): Troubleshoot the digital world with technical prowess and wizardry, navigating circuits with ease.
● American Board Certified Plumber (ABCP): Guard the flow of water with precision and expertise, ensuring efficient plumbing systems in every building.
● American Board Certified Fitter (ABCF): Choreograph the assembly of machinery with finesse and expertise, mastering the dance of gears and components.
● American Board Certified Welder (ABCW): Sculpt bonds of strength with precision and artistry, mastering various welding techniques for diverse applications.
…and many more!

Each certification represents a milestone in your career journey, recognized for its rigor and industry relevance. Join us and elevate your skills to new heights.